Property Details

A stay at LaGrace is perfect for you. Enjoy complimentary high speed internet access in guest rooms, public areas, and meeting rooms. On-site parking is available for guests. Start your day with a complimentary breakfast buffet. Lunch and dinner is available upon request each day (all sumptuous vegetarian meals).

Hotel Details Check-in: 2:00pm and Check-out: 12:00 noon. Our retreat is a smoke free property and alcohol is not permitted on the premises. Daily evening coffee/tea service in the Atrium Lounge Business services.

Meditation room
Atrium Lobby
Lounge in the Atrium for group mediation, lectures, performances, and more.

Meetings at the Learning Center
Library with study desks for research/scholars
Board room for 10-12 persons
Meeting room for 16-20 persons

Services On Request
Transportation services are available
Newspapers can be delivered to your room each morning

Please contact our hotel representative for any guidance or special requests.