Pondicherry (or Puducherry), a French colonial settlement in India until 1954, is now a Union Territory town bounded by the southeastern Tamil Nadu state. Its French legacy is preserved in its French Quarter, with tree-lined streets, mustard-colored colonial villas and chic boutiques.  A seaside promenade runs along the Bay of Bengal and passes several statues, including a 4m-high Gandhi Memorial.

The climate of Pondicherry is tropical wet & dry similar to that of coastal region. Summer lasts from April to early June, when average temperature is 36 degree celcius & minimum temperatures is around 28 degree celcius. This is followed by a period of high humidity and occasional thundershowers from June till September.

Beautiful Beaches of Pondicherry

Any trip to Pondicherry would be incomplete without a visit to its beaches. Though it’s hot and muggy through most of the year, Pondicherry has four main beaches which are fairly popular with tourists and locals alike. As opposed to the rest of India, the beaches here are relatively clean and not as crowded.

• Promenade • Paradise Beach • Auroville Beach
• Chunnambar Lake • Ruby Beach • Serenity Beach